Au Pair Mallorca is born of the idea of a group of young parents that live with certain organizational difficulties when both are working. When we were a host family, we realized the importance of including the au pair program in Spain, and especially in the Balearic Islands, given the lack of support. Our story begins in 2007 when we started receiving au pairs at home. The au pair agency we worked with closed its doors and that made us see that it is the moment. A lot of parents have asked us about our au pair formula.

All the Au Pair Mallorca team is composed of university graduates in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, therefore, we are particularly aware of the importance of feeling comfortable outside the family home. Our main objective is to help young people to be able to go abroad and have the opportunity to live personal experiences and that, also, will help them to grow professionally. They can decide where and when!

As a guarantee of our services, Au pair Mallorca is a founding member of the Spanish Association of the Au Pair Program (AEPA), which we were proud to lead over for 4 years. Since 2015 we have been a member of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) and have chaired the European Committee for Au pair Standards (ECAPS) for 2 years. Therefore, we are the only Au Pair agency in the Balearic Islands present in these associations / committee.