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Host families must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for the au pair system.

The parents must commit to providing accommodation (an independent room), care and a payment of at least 80.00€ per week. The family must provide as much information as possible in the application about the au pair’s role in the home, as well as their free time. The hosts will arrange for your pick up from the airport on the day of arrival or the cost of a taxi if it is not possible to pick you up.

If the au-pair is from a country outside the European Union, the host family will pay 50% of his/her medical insurance and will take into account that obtaining the visa may be long and may be denied.

Upon arrival of the au pair you must dedicate some time and explain to her/him the functioning of the home, rules of the house, the use she/he can make of the television, the telephone and the internet, the rules regarding visits of friends, etc. It is almost a must that there is wifi at home.

If you need to find an au pair pre-selected by us, download the form. You will interview the possible candidates yourself and choose who to invite.

Task of the Au pair

Tasks of the au pair in the family home:

At home: making the children’s beds, tidying the children’s room and bathroom and one’s own, ironing the children’s clothes, putting on and taking off washing machines and dishwashers, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming and dusting the children’s room and the au pair’s room.

With the childrens: bathing and dressing them, playing with them and entertaining them, helping them with their homework, reinforcing their knowledge of a language, taking them to school or the nursery, going with them to the park, cooking simple dishes, helping them to eat and babysitting, if necessary, twice a week.

In Spain and according to the legal au pair regulation, the au pair has a weekly load of 30 hours (babysitting hours included) and must have one and a half or even two days off.
The au pair must respect the authority of the parents and adapt to the customs of the home and family life in general.

All these tasks are solely and exclusively for the children and their spaces, as well as the au pair’s own. They are not the work of a housekeeper.

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