My name is Lorena and I am the founder and director of this company specialized in fulfilling dreams since 2009. Fulfilling dreams? Yes, helping young people to grow, get out of their comfort zone, get to know themselves and many others, making friends, learning languages, visiting new places and securing a better professional and personal …

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Finding a family in Canada is something that will take several months. There are three areas: Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. You can become an au pair at any time, as long as the exchange rate has been open. To go to Canada, you must apply for a work permit (visa) known as a Work …

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The programs in Australia are aimed at young people who can speak English and who want to live with a local family and help them in their daily lives. In exchange, the au pair receives room and care, plus a monthly salary. Families in Australia generally live on farms and ask for help with the …



If you are one of those who want to know about life in another country from the inside, then this is your program. You will have an experience to remember because you will be able to travel on a reduced budget and learn about one of the most interesting cultures in the world. There you …

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Our collaborator has been working on-site for over 20 years and the participation of volunteers has become essential for many of the communities they help. All the projects are aimed not only at young people but at entire families who want to live with local communities and help accompany them in their daily lives. Besides …